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Outdoor Kitchen

Our clients have wanted the best for their outdoor living spaces. We have created a space that included Kalamazoo cabinets and appliances. The high end outdoor kitchen included a grill, wok, sink, refrigerator, garbage disposal, ice maker and dishwasher. To enjoy the space to its fullest, a Nexus 21 motorized lift system was installed for a 65” TV.

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Outdoor Living Spaces

A beautiful courtyard was installed by our team to create an elegant outdoor living space. The space had a fire pit that is gas or log burning. Custom limestone benches were designed to surround the fire pit. To finish the space, we also designed a custom limestone planting bed and installed beautiful pavers for the surface.

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When our client wanted a greenhouse, we wanted to provide the highest quality. The greenhouse we chose was manufactured in Pennsylvania and installed on site. The company sent their Vice-President of Install to insure all components of the greenhouse were installed correctly. The greenhouse features custom planting benches, plant hangers, grow lights, circulation fans, controlled irrigation system, evaporative cooler and radiant heat floors! What a special room for our client to enjoy their gardening year round.

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Indoor Pool Wing / Exercise Room / Spa Shower

The indoor pool wing is an amazing space to stay healthy and entertain family and friends. The entire wing is surrounded by folding glass walls that open to let the outside in. The pool has a cover and features six Laminar jets. Walls and ceilings are featured with the Sto-477 textured finish system and Baswa acoustics. The pool, spa shower and locker area features beautiful Travertine flooring. A sport floor was installed in the exercise room. Radiant heat was installed throughout the entire wing. We installed an 85” TV on the north end of the pool allowing for a “dive in” movie night. A fully equipped exercise room surrounded by glass walls overlooks the pool area. The spa shower features aromatherapy and chromotherapy highlighted with beautiful porcelain walls. The space is complete with a kitchenette.

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Theater Room

We designed a theater room with all the elements needed for the family to experience viewing at the highest quality. The room was created to have the best acoustics possible with the use of Baswaphon and Krieger acoustical doors. A Stewart motorized video screen measuring over 130” descends from the ceiling to be used with the Epson projector system. The theater experience also includes a Samsung 85” TV, JL audio subs, Triad Gold monitors and Control 4 technology.

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Tennis Court

Tennis anyone? The area features a professional size tennis court with a viewing pavilion. Within the tennis court, a practice wall was installed along with a basketball goal making the space multi-purpose. Outside of the pavilion stands an Elkay drinking fountain that does not have to be winterized.

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Outdoor Facilities

The outdoor bathroom is not what one might expect. The beautiful limestone structure features porcelain tile walls and is equipped with a bidet, urinal, shower, vanity, and baby changing station. The space is conditioned with a sleek wall mounted Mitsubishi unit.

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Home Demolition

We had a client who purchased a beautiful piece of property. The expansive, existing home needed to be demolished to make way for the new home. Many components of the home (including doors, appliances, light fixtures, windows and cabinets) were donated to Habitat for Humanity Restore. We also had to remove old utilities including a septic field, well and bottled gas.

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Outdoor Home