Building Custom Homes in Hamilton County and Surrounding Areas

More than just a custom home contractor, we are a close partner to discriminating home buyers looking to create high quality dream homes that reflect each buyer’s unique vision for what makes a house truly a home.

Why Ennis Custom Homes?

We build impeccable quality, luxury homes focusing on unsurpassed attention to detail using the highest skilled craftspeople.  We serve a client who has refined, discriminating tastes to create a home where memories will be made and cherished. Our ultimate client care will be unmatched in the marketplace.

If you would ask our past clients or current industry partners “why Ennis Custom Homes”, your conclusion from a conversation would be “of course Ennis Custom Homes”. We know building your dream home is one of the largest investments you make over your lifetime.  We also know you need a custom home builder who is trustworthy, experienced, conscientious and values your investment.  We bring over 60 years combined experience in construction and business. When a new custom home build is started by our company, you immediately become part of our family.  Your home is “our home” and we will treat it as such.

We love what we do… we are proud of what we do… we want to share what we do with you.  We are confident that you will enjoy the experience, you will be amazed along the way and you will have a beautiful, high quality built home that will allow you to create wonderful memories.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Brad and Linda Ennis

Build Your Luxury Home