Client Endorsements

Brad has served as General Contractor for us on two very complex, multi-million dollar homes that we have built over the past 5 years. He has tremendous breadth of knowledge and experience in the construction process of building fine custom homes. Brad is all about quality, craftsmanship, longevity, and innovation. I don’t think anything the architect threw at him was beyond his capability or understanding. If he didn’t have the answer immediately, he would research it until he got it right. Brad has very strong people and project management skills. I found him amazingly good at assembling a team of the best suppliers and subcontractors maybe in the world.

His job sites are organized and impeccable, which was greatly appreciated by me as the homeowner, and his subcontractors and suppliers once they became accustomed to it. Brad and his wife, Linda, are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. They are surprisingly easy going, easy to work with, and they will always put their customers first. Their transactions are highly transparent and have always been done at the highest level of trust and integrity. I highly recommend Ennis Custom Homes to anybody who wants to build something beautiful and special, that possess the utmost of lasting value for their family.


We had a great experience working with Brad when we built our house. Brad was excellent at listening to our requests, no matter how “out there” they were and integrating any changes. He worked diligently with the contractors, putting in countless hours, to make sure their work was top notch. We were particularly impressed with how Brad pays attention to fine detail. We highly recommend Brad!

Mindy and Doug Alvey

Brad Ennis served as foreman when our home was built. He proved to be an expert on every phase of construction, and we give him the highest possible recommendation.

Doug and Pam Freeman

Brad was the leader builder of our Darien’s Place Lodge at Camp Emma Lou. Since our lodge serves many types of people, including those with disabilities, it was very important to work with someone who was not only professional, but understood the unique details that were required. Our experience with Brad was smooth, thorough and efficient.

Todd Rolen
E5 Foundation

Brad Ennis was the project manager when we built our dream custom home in Bloomington, Indiana around 4 years ago. As we started our project, several close friends who had gone through the experience of building a custom home had told us that the entire process would really test our marriage, suggesting that we will either divorce or be married forever – we are pleased to report that we are very much still happily married!

Overall, we are extremely pleased with our custom home. Even after 3 ½ years of living in our home, we are still in absolute awe with the quality and craftsmanship of the construction. In fact, we would not change or do anything differently if we were to re-build our home today. We definitely attribute this sentiment to Brad’s extreme attention to every detail during the entire construction process (and this statement comes from people that are borderline obsessive-compulsive when it comes to details!).

Not only do we offer our highest recommendation for Brad, but if we ever decide to build again in the future, we would definitely hire Brad to manage our next home construction project!

Lopo and Sonja Rego

Subcontractor and Vendor Testimonials

As an architect/designer in the Indianapolis market for nearly 30 years now, I have worked with most of the top builders in our area. That being said, I would recommend Brad Ennis and his team at the very top of that list. Brad is conscientious and ethical to a fault, and always performs his work in the best interest of the client without clouding any judgement with self-interest.

Stephen B. Goldberg
Goldberg Design Group, Inc.

Brad Ennis is the top custom home builder in Indiana. His attention to detail is unmatched. He represents his customer with respect, integrity and honesty. From our knowledge of the trade, Brad Ennis is no doubt the best of the best.

Rob Santarossa
Santarossa Mosaic & Tile Co., Inc.

I have been a high end masonry contractor in the Indianapolis Market for 29 years and have worked with some of the best Custom Builders around. I would put Ennis Custom Homes right up there at the top. Brad gives each project his special attention. He takes great care in assuring that the customer’s dreams are more than exceeded.

Joe Hein
J S Hein Masonry, Inc.

Brad is usually on the jobsite, involved in every detail and is a consumer advocate. You will not find a higher quality builder in central Indiana.

Tom Melangton
Edge Guys Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

Brad’s word is as good as gold and it has been a joy to do business with Ennis Custom Homes.

John Smitson
Stone Center of Indiana

Wyatt Construction has been with Ennis Custom Homes since 2014. My company was established in 1978 and have built many luxurious homes for different builders, but none have come close to the extended effect that Brad employs every day.

Johnny Wyatt
Wyatt Construction

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Ennis Custom Homes. The professionalism, organization, dedication to quality, and attention to detail on their job sites is second to none. It’s an honor to work alongside this company.

Jeff Burke
Burke Pool Company

The longer I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brad Ennis, the more I’ve come to recognize his organizational skills, his constant attention to detail, his ability to assemble the best possible “team” for his projects, and his appreciation of the efforts of all members of his “team”. Any project of Ennis Custom Homes, large or small, is going to be carried out with the highest degree of focus, integrity and quality.

David Gorden, ASLA, Landscape Architect Mark H. Holeman, Inc.

I would consider Brad Ennis to be the conductor of an orchestra. Organizing different trades to work in harmony. Not as one but together as a team. His knack for precision in detail is incomparable. Brad undoubtedly has produced one of the most exquisite homes that we have been able to work on and it has been our pleasure to work with Ennis Custom Homes.

Larry and Tammy Pierce
Pierce Drywall & Plastering, Inc.

Brad Ennis contracted my Company for the electrical installation of a large residential project. Being a contractor for 37 years I have been in contact with a large number of general contractors. I must tell in all honesty, Brad is the most conscientious and concerned contractor I have worked with.

Pete Gollmer
Gollmer Electric Inc.

Working with Brad Ennis and his team has set a benchmark that other builders are measured by. When they say they’re going to do something, it has always been done. In my opinion, they’re one of the best builders out there, without question.

Alan Ausbrooks
General Manager
Access Mobility, Inc./Access Elevator

Ennis Custom Homes is a pleasure to work with from the initial sit down to the end with the owner’s new home. Brad and his team are professional, proficient, knowledgeable and on top of their game.

Brad Isley
Isley Plumbing