Hamilton County - million dollar home builder side view with yard install

The last time we met, we discussed how to hire a custom home builder. Well… let’s talk about what type of home you might want, so that expert custom home builder can make your dreams come true. What type of home do you want? What types of architecture catch your eye? Do you like simple designs, ornate structures or something in between? How many stories would you like for your dream home? Here are some architecture styles that you might want to research to see what best fits your personality:

  • Colonial
  • French Provincial
  • Italiante
  • Tudor
  • Ranch
  • Victorian
  • Mid-century modern
  • Cape Cod
  • Craftsman

Not all architectural styles are mentioned above; but I am hoping to have caused you to think more about what is “your style”. I would suggest taking a lazy weekend day, grab a glass/cup of your favorite beverage and search online for architectural styles and images to find a style that reflects you. We all have a style – who says a home has to be exactly a replica of a given architecture style. If you work with a talented architect, they can design your style vision. Just remember… it is your home. Make it something that will still catch your breath when you turn in your driveway each day.

Enjoy the beauty… enjoy the journey