Rear view of Custom Home - Firepit in woods

The dream has always been a custom home for you and your family. Yet, what does “custom home” really mean? When you decide you want a completely custom home, the end result will be a true one of a kind. An architect will design the home of your dreams and then you will select the best custom home builder to fit your needs. You might hear the words “custom home” used in many circumstances but many times you are only making selections from a set group of product already determined by the builder. When you create a completely authentic custom home, most of the details are your decision. Don’t be overwhelmed by that last statement. If you select the best custom home builder, the process should be exciting and fun with the builder leading you along the way.

A quality custom home builder should first and foremost create your vision, at the highest quality and with utmost integrity. You need to consider the scope of your work and if the builder has experience at that level. If you can visit a current job site, you can see firsthand how they run their jobs. It is imperative to read testimonials from past clients. A very important part of the evaluation should also research the builder’s reputation with other industry professionals. Those professionals would include suppliers, subcontractors, architects and interior designers. Once you have done your due diligence, your final consideration should be “does the builder really care about my vision, my family and creating the highest quality home in which I can create beautiful memories with the ones I love”.

Once you hire a custom home builder, how will the building process work? Well… I can only answer for Ennis Custom Homes. We breakdown the process into Planning/Preconstruction, Construction and Living the Dream. As creation of your exquisite dream home begins, we strive to be proactive to facilitate the process. During the Construction phase, your dream will become a beautiful reality. We will work diligently to bring your vision to life. Living the Dream… we have been your partner in helping to make your dream a reality, and we will continue to be available to you. The process includes many, many more details within each category. The summary of the process with Ennis Custom Homes: we really care about your vision, we care about your family and we will create the highest quality home in which you can create beautiful memories with the ones you love.

Enjoy the beauty, enjoy the journey…